My Top 10 Reasons Why Charlie Baker's Favorability Rating Is through the Roof

Friday, April 24, 2015

Earlier this week, Suffolk University’s Political Research Center released a poll showing that 74 percent of registered voters in blue-blue Massachusetts have a favorable view of Republican Governor Charlie Baker.

Better still for our rookie guv, 70% percent of respondents in the Suffolk poll approve of the way he’s doing his job, while only 6% disapprove.
Everywhere I went the last couple of days, folks were talking about Baker’s high “favorables.” They were all pontificating on why he became so popular so fast. 

Remember, this is a guy who won election barely six months ago by just over two percentage points.   
I hate it when people insist on giving me their opinions, as this cuts down on the time needed for what really matters: my opinions. I like to be in a position where I’m honoring the rule my father laid down when we were kids.  “When I want your opinion,” he would say, “I’ll tell you what it is.”
Well, sorry, Dad, for never shutting up. 

And, sorry, David Letterman, for using (misusing!) your formula to deliver my thoughts on this particular matter.

Herewith my top 10 reasons why Charlie Baker’s favorability rating is through the roof:

10. He did not go all Patton on us at the Framingham bunker this winter.
9.   He hasn't called anybody sweetheart in public since the campaign.

8.   He has not yet gone on an overseas "trade mission."

7.   He talks Charlie to legislators and makes them like it.
6.   His relatives and close friends have so far avoided embarrassing situations.

5.   He raised a quarter of a million dollars for charity by having a buzz cut.

4.   He exhibits a manly indifference to his appearance.  (See reason #5)
3.   His Eagle Scout-like fascination with solving problems is genuine.

2.   He did not blame or criticize predecessor for leaving him a $750-million budget deficit.
1.   He's crazy enough to want to own the disaster that is the MBTA.


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