From My Frozen Lips to Your Warm Eyes: Thoughts of a Semi-Coherent Nature

Thursday, January 23, 2014

There’s something about the brutal cold that further limits my limited ability to express myself.

When my teeth are chattering, I can only voice short, barely coherent thoughts.

Below is a sample of what I’ve been muttering to myself while waiting for the bus after work on a frozen sidewalk, the wind-chill at 20 below.  Don’t knock muttering.  It keeps people from bothering you…

“Like that Don Berwick.  Said he would have plan to house any newly homeless person in state if he’s elected governor.”   

“Berwick said it’s disgrace so many veterans are homeless.”

“Like that Richard Tisei.” 

“Don’t like Tisei’s new campaign theme dissing Obamacare.” 

“Tisei one of best elected officials I ever saw.  Not a fake or insincere bone in body.” 

“Can Richard beat John Tierney this time?  Don't bet against it.”

“Steve Grossman hoping Juliette Kayyem gets on Dem primary ballot for governor.”

“Can split women vote with Martha Coakley.”

“Makes Grossman’s task easier, much easier.”

“Grossman has big brain.  Savvy tactician.  Don’t underestimate.”

“Sad to see Steve Brewer quitting Senate when current term up.  Sixty-five.  Survived cancer.  Probably  good time to go.  Time to smell flowers.  Learn banjo.” 

“Great guy, Brewer.  Superb public servant.  Big loss for Western Mass. More water for Rosenberg to carry now.”

“Steve Walsh leaving House to run Mass. Council of Community Hospitals.” 

“Good man. Wish him best.” 

“Walshes dropping like flies in House.  First Marty, then Steve.” 

“Only one left: Chris Walsh, Framingham.” 

“Interesting guy, Chris.” 

“Graduate of world-beating Rhode Island School of Design.” 

“Only architect in legislature.”

“Get your kid a summer job, design you a summer home.”

“Good to see legendary Gerry Doherty, prince of Charlestown, sticking up for Gene O’Flaherty in letter to Globe.” 

“Doherty pushed against Globe column saying O’Flaherty a ‘Chelsea politician known for dead-of-night budget amendments and political payback.’ ”

“Paper ticked O’Flaherty got appointed corporation counsel, Boston’s top lawyer.”     

“Globe can’t forgive Geno for wanting to kick Brian McGrory’s ass.” 

“You’re supposed to take newspaper  guff, keep smiling like Budha.” 

“Doherty has ‘full faith and confidence’ in O’Flaherty.” 

“Good lawyer, good politician, Doherty.” 

“Was Dem Party chair in Mass, trusted friend of Ted Kennedy, Chub Peabody, Jimmy Carter, many others.”

“Boston institution, Doherty.”

“Most at Globe today wouldn’t know that.  Not like old days.”

“Doherty not needing anything, not looking for anything.”

“Folks around state working hard to put repeal of casino legislation on November ballot.”

“What if they succeed?”

“What if voters actually repealed casino deal?”

“State -- taxpayers, yikes! -- would have to pay big bucks to casino moguls.  Reimburse them for millions spent chasing licenses, going through all our new legal hoops.”

“Six months ago, would not have thought this could happen.  Not so sure now.”

“Casino fight should have been about where to site in downtown Boston.”

“My idea best: near convention center.”

“Has come down to Everett versus Revere.  Two great communities.”

“Love Revere.  My city.”

“Vacant industrial site versus nearly vacant horse racing site.”

“Everett, Revere can’t wait to grab casino gold.”

"Money makes everybody crazy.  I'd like my chance at that kind of crazy."

“Neither city can imagine becoming Atlantic City.” 

“Gamblers there advised:  Don’t go outdoors at night.”

“Upside: Casino revenue will pay for lots of cops.”

“We far down road, don’t know destination.”

“Glow from City on Hill could be all neon.”

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